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Handwoven Colored Pillow

Width: 40 cm Length: 40 cm

With a hidden zipper, green velvet piped

On the back, crochet detailing is used on black velvet fabric as a central motif.

This product is singular.

2022 Crochet Handwoven Collection

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Feride Pillow is made with handwoven crochet detailing. The silk velvet fabric used on the back features handcrafted crochet, used as a central motif. Our brand aims to support traditional craftsmanship and housewives with products like this.

All Haral Design pillows, each handmade, feature a hidden zipper, and those with magical details use silk embroidery threads.

The fabrics in our designs require sensitivity; keep them away from fire, direct sunlight, and sharp objects. Dry cleaning is recommended.

The filling is made of 100% bead fiber.

*Pillow insert is not included in the price.