$ 40,00

Kutnu Fabric, Colorful Pillow

Width: 50 cm Length: 50 cm

Striped-patterned, hidden zipper, red velvet trim

The other side features the same Kutnu fabric.

The product is unique.

2022 Kutnu Collection

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The Kutnu fabric used in Nana is a silk textile exclusively woven in Gaziantep, Turkey. The raw materials for the luxurious, elegant, and aesthetically expressive Kutnu fabrics are artificial silk and cotton threads.

All Haral Design pillows, each handmade, feature a hidden zipper, and those with enchanting details also incorporate silk cord threads.

The fabrics in our designs require delicacy; keep them away from heat, direct sunlight, and sharp objects. Dry cleaning is recommended.

The filling consists of 100% bead fiber.

*Inner pillow is not included in the price.