Where Design Meets Passion...

Haral Design came to life through the collaboration of Handan Aral, a passionate restaurateur and hotelier and Selin Bozkurt, an experienced communication consultant specialized in crafting brand stories and engaging with their audiences. This brand born from the partnership of two successful close friends, opens the doors to a world filled with unique objects and garments tailored to both spaces and individuals. Handan Aral's passion for design inspired her to focus on her craft during the pandemic. Products such as silk and Suzani kaftans adorned with handmade details, pillows made from traditional fabrics, entirely handmade antique lamps, bags, and hats reflect the original and elegant touch of Haral Design. Selin Bozkurt, with her expertise in communication, directs the communication and development of our brand. She offers a creative approach to highlight the nuances of communication and our brand identity. Haral Design aims to offer you unique and exclusive products in a world where craftsmanship and design merge. Each product contains an original story and meticulously crafted details.

As Handan Aral and Selin Bozkurt, we invite you to the enchanted world of bespoke design with the Haral Design brand. Welcome to a journey where design and passion come together, inviting you to express yourself and discover beauty.

Design Your Own Story.

Handan & Selin