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Born in Sultanahmet, the historical district of Istanbul, Haral Design is an emerging design brand inspired by the citys several
centuries-long multicultural, colourful and mesmerising atmosphere. Haral Design adds life and character to items of the present and
the past with exclusive and unique products designed for you and your house.

Pieces of the past are coming to life with Handan Aral’s designs. They are reminders of an era in which time went by slowly; artifacts
were created with great effort, concealing utmost care in every detail. Antique objects with mysterious stories start a new life in stylish
outfits. Some take their place in your home as unique lightings. Others, such as a candle in a bowl, play a leading role with all their glory.

The home decor items in the Haral collections turn all living spaces into a special place with their one of a kind spirit. Each
lampshade, cushion, candle, tableware and ceramic piece tells a different story. They are virtually works of art that earn their places
to a seat of honour in your home.

Our collection designed for you offers one-of-a-kind kaftans, handbags, accessories, soulful fabrics, special silk thrown singles, beads
that stand out with handmade details, meet with waterways and talisman objects. Traditional and handloom textiles blooming from
different regions, exclusive and unique details spring to life with you.

* Each item by Haral Design is handcrafted exclusively and uniquely, completed with an individual talisman to bring luck to its new


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